What you decided I should wear to Michelle Mone's Book launch

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What you decided I should wear to Michelle Mone's Book launch

Firstly thanks to everyone that took part and voted for what I should wear to Michelle Mone's book launch last week. It was exactly the right outfit and that's why I always trust you with making my what to wear decision for me :)

It was between these 3 outfits; A LBD, a white jumpsuit and a stripe skirt ensemble...

People voted in America / India / Spain / Australia and Morocco to name but a few, which is fantastic but I still find it mad crazy!

It was a clear winner really although at one point it did look like the jumpsuit was going to win and I'm so glad it didn't because the host - Michelle Mone was in a stunning white Suzanne Neville gown and she looked amazing! Somehow it would have just felt wrong being in white as well.

So the outfit you decided I should wear with 44% of the votes was the little black dress.

It was a fun night, held at Salmontini, Belgravia. I've never met Michelle before but she seemed like a really lovely lady. All the guests were gifted with a goody bag with some nice little treats inside including Michelle's autobiography 'My Fight to the Top'. I love autobiographies and Michelle's story is an inspiring one, that's for sure. Proof that whatever your beginnings you can achieve anything with determination. A recommended read for all.

Thanks once again for voting my fabulous personal stylists, keep your eyes peeled for my next what to wear dilemma!

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  1. :) I voted for outfit one - so glad it won! xXx