What to wear to ME London #LightMEup Christmas unveiling

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What to wear to ME London #LightMEup Christmas unveiling

This December ME London is launching an individual take on the Christmas Tree with a stunning, interactive light installation. I've been invited along to a drinks reception for the unveiling of it.

The #LightMEup installation will post users tweets and instagrams as falling snowflakes which are then going to be projected onto a backdrop of awe-inspiring light shows that will dance across the walls of the Atrium, a nine storey high marble pyramid that runs up the inner core of the hotel. 

I'm looking forward to the evening as it will be my first Christmas 'do' and also ME London is such a stylish place, I love it there. I don't know what to wear though, I'd love your help. I thought something with colour would be a good option or some sequins would be a good as it's Christmas or should I keep it simple in all black. Which one do you think I should wear? You can vote by clicking the 'vote now' box or Tweet #MELONDON 1, 2 or 3 I'll wear the outfit with the most votes.

Outfit 1

Jumpsuit - George
Shoes - Topshop



Outfit 2

Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Top - Next
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Zara



Outfit 3

What to wear



Thanks for looking everyone, I can't wait to see which one you think I should wear.


  1. Hi Gg, I've voted. I like number 1 such a gorgeous colour.

  2. Either 2 or 1 but I can't decide :)

  3. PLEASE wear #melondon1 it's such a gorgeous colour x

  4. voted number 3, number 2 came a very close second x