What to wear to the ‘The Chocolate Show' Gala Evening

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What to wear to the ‘The Chocolate Show' Gala Evening

Three words...'THE CHOCOLATE SHOW'. Yes, there is a show dedicated to all things chocolate!! (could there be anything better?) It's being held this weekend at Olympia, London and I've been invited along to the gala evening on Friday night and naturally I wasn't going to say 'no'. Not only are some of the UK's most loved brands showcasing their latest sweet treats but there is going to be a chocolate fashion show as well with couture outfits made entirely out of chocolate. How on earth do the models resist eating them is what I'd like to know?

Now what to wear? I felt like I should wear something chocolaty in colour but after rummaging in my wardrobe forever I couldn't find anything. It's not a dress code requirement just me getting in the chocolate mood. Instead I came up with these three outfits as options; a Black embellished top for a bit of bling & pleather trousers. Keeping in casual in white jacket & jeans or a winter woolly striped dress. It is the gala evening which means its not open to the general public but I don't think 'Gala' necessarily means it's dressy. So here's my choices (I'll add my little leather jacket to outfit 1 & 3)...

What to Wear? Outfit 1
What to wear Gg Rogers
Top from New Look
Leggings from Zara


What to Wear? Outfit 2


What to Wear? Outfit 3


All my regular 'what to wear stylists' ;-) you know what to do but If this is the first time you've visited my site then here's how it works; Take at look at the three outfits above and decide which one you think I should wear. Place your vote by clicking on the 'VOTE HERE' link. The outfit with the most votes is the one I'll wear to the event. That's it :)

Thank you everyone

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  1. Ooh decisions, decisions definitely between outfits 1 & 2 for me...If you think it's going to be quite dressy then I'd go with outfit 1but then I love outfit 2 too. If you're not sure how dressy I'd perhaps bling up outfit 2 a little bit more with a sparkly clutch & shoes so it covers casual & dressier outfits if that makes sense!!
    Jane xx

    1. Jane THANK YOU your comments are so wonderful. I really appreciate your help. Gg x

  2. Outfit #3