What to wear to a 40th Birthday party - girls night out

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What to wear to a 40th Birthday girls night out

It's been all work and no play for me recently but I have a big night out planned this weekend for my friends 40th birthday. It's time to celebrate in style and I'm soooo looking forward to it, I need a good night out. We're starting the evening off by going for cocktails and then we're going for a meal. I'm sure the evening won't end there and no doubt we'll be hitting a few bars afterwards. Because it feels like its been so long since I went out I'm in a panic about what to wear. The weather report says its going to be dry & fine so I could wear a skirt and it may be the last chance this summer to flash a bit of leg :) or should I go classic in a jumpsuit? I really don't know! What do you think I should wear...here's my 3 choices I've narrowed it down to.Just click on the link and vote for What I should wear to a 40th Birthday girls night out.

What to Wear - Outfit 1
Top - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Shoes -Zara

What to Wear - Outfit 2
Pink Jumpsuit - Topshop
Necklace - Zara

What to Wear - Outfit 3
Top - River Island
Skirt H&M
Shoes H&M

Thanks everyone I need your help more than ever this time. The outfit with the most votes is the one I'll wear.


  1. Love them all, but I think you should wear outfit 3

  2. Outfit #1 for sure. That Zara skirt says you ladies will have a night you will never forget.