What to wear to a boat party?

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What to wear to a boat party?

I'm so excited, I'm off on holiday soon (yay) I can't wait but adding to my excitement is I've been invited to a boat party whilst I'm there. The invite is courtesy of some friends to spend the day on board their luxury yacht (wahoo) but what do I wear?? The invite says bring swimwear (that bits easy) but I know I'll want the security of being able to cover up when I can especially as there will be some seriously glamorous people there *eek*. A kaftan is the perfect cover up but also light, stylish and easy to pack so I've got 3 to choose from or rather I've got 3 for you to choose from and solve my What to wear to a boat party dilemma.

I'll wear whatever kaftan gets the most votes, so click on the 'vote here' text below or tweet your decision and help me out. Also if you leave a comment below & leave your twitter handle I'll give you a Thank you for voting Twitter 'shoutout' :)

Here goes....which one do you think I should wear...

Lacey burn out kaftan from Boux Avenue

Bag from Ryman 


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Animal chiffon kaftan from Boux Avenue


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Purple embellished ikat kaftan from Debenhams


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Thank you everyone