What to wear to a School Reunion

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What to wear to a School Reunion

Next week I'm going to a school reunion, although when I say school reunion it's not the whole school year but just a group of us who use to hang out together. Although we're all now connected on Facebook we haven't actually seen each other for over 15 years so it's quite exciting but dauting at the same time. Will we all still get on, will we have anything to talk about, scary stuff! What do you wear to a school reunion? We're meeting up in the evening and going for drinks and maybe for a meal afterwards (depending how we get on!!!) 

Now down to the nitty gritty...What to wear? I'm so undecided that I've posted 4 outfits today; Jumpsuit / Leatherette skirt / Colour block outfit and monochrome.My what to wear dilemma is this...is a skirt appropriate? Is the 4th outfit too much white, is the jumpsuit too dressy? Help me out guys, you can vote for the outfit I should wear by clicking on the link below and placing your vote or Tweeting #WearOutfit1234Gg (insert the number you think) Over to you......

What to Wear Outfit 1

Gg Rogers
Jumpsuit from Mango
Necklace from River Island

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What to Wear Outfit 2

Skirt from Zara
Top from Topshop
Necklace from River Island

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What to Wear Outfit 3

Necklace River Island
Trousers from Mango
Top from Mango
Bag from River Island

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What to Wear Outfit 4

Necklace from River Island
Top from Topshop
Trousers from Mango


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  1. I really like outfit #1 Gg but depending on the location for drinks it may be too much. Outfit #2 is dressy but playful.