What to Wear for Christmas Drinks with the Boss

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What to Wear for Christmas Drinks with the Boss

Hi All,

Last week I had the worst what to wear dilemma ever!!!! Some friends invited me out on the spur of the moment and on accepting all hell broke loose! I didn't have a clue what to wear, the whole contents of my wardrobe and drawers were emptied in an attempt to finding something to wear, I was a mess and so was my room. At the last minute I decided on something to wear (more out of having to than finding the perfect outfit). But I wasn't happy, Oh how I needed you! Never again can I go through that so I'm here asking you fab fashionistas What to Wear? 

This is my first Christmas 'do' (I'm sure they start earlier each year) a civilised evening to break us in gently to the Christmas parties that are to follow.

On Saturday night we're going for drinks and dinner with my boyfriends bosses, it's important to get the outfit just right as the head honchos will be there and although we're told it's just a casual dinner and drinks I want to get it right for my guy.

So what to wear? Smart / Casual is the dress code for the evening, so nothing too dressy or revealing. Here are my 3 choices, what I wear is entirely up to you. Vote for the outfit you think I should wear, the outfit with the most votes will be the one I wear. Place your votes now.....

P.s The quality of the photos aren't great...sorry! New camera is on my Christmas list to Santa! To get a better look at the clothes click on the links underneath :) 

What to Wear Outfit 1

What to Wear to a Christmas Party
Dress from Miss Selfridge
Bag from Dorothy Perkins


What to Wear Outfit 2

What to wear to a Christmas Party
Top from Warehouse
Trousers from Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet and Necklace from Dorothy Perkins
Bag from Warehouse

What to Wear Outfit 3

What to wear to a Christmas Party
Top from Dorothy Perkins
Skirt from Miss Selfridge


Thanks for voting everyone I can't tell you how much I missed you and your fashion opinions.

 Oh I forget to say if you'd like a Twitter Shoutout then place your vote and leave a comment below xx


  1. My vote is for outfit #1. While they are all lovely outfits, to me, #2 looks a little too casual, and #3 looks a little too dressy.



  2. They are all nice outfits, but I think number 2 is a little too casual, and number 1 I'm not sure of and can't quite put my finger on why. Number 3 looks really sophisticated, I definitely think it's the one to go with.

  3. I have voted for #3 (dress from Dorothy Perkins) you look lovely, elegant and not too overdressed and let's face it, we all know "smart-casual" isn't what it says on the tin any more! Good luck and have a great time at your party! xx @Samantha_Louu

  4. Voted #3 love it! Perfect for the occassion. #2 is a but too casual! Have a good time :) @katiesimson

  5. I like all three looks but settled on the first because you indicated that it's a casual type of affaire, and while it's a relaxed dress, it's still formal enough for drinks with the boss.

  6. Definitely number 3 and bring a blazer or thin cardigan just in case. In my experience most people tend to wear business outfits that are slightly dressed up. I remember my first dinner like this, it was super stressful. Keep it simple and understated. Have a great time.

  7. Lovely post.

    For me a smart/casual look is definitely the 3rd outfit. It`s a perfect look for party it`s not too casual and not so formal at the same time.You look fabulous on them. Very smart indeed. Those shoes makes your legs looks longer and sexy.

  8. I'd go with #3
    It's really flattering on you.
    Very classy and cute defo what you want!


  9. My vote goes to no:1... all outfits are nice, but number one for me.

  10. Hi Gg!

    Your dilemma the other week sounds awful!! I really do hate that feeling!!!

    I'm definitely for number 3 Dorothy Perkins top today :) I really love the baroque trend and this fits in amazingly! It's definitely a classy outfit for a drink with your boyfriend's boss ! Good luck :)


    Hollie xxx

  11. Number 3! Without a doubt.
    Hope that you´re having a great day.


  12. Outfit number 3 - a classy x-mas number! x


  13. Number 3 looks perfect! 2 is definitely a bit too casual! Enjoy!

  14. definitely number 3 :D lol didn't even have to think about it, the others look gorgeous on you as well but #3 is the way to go. Hope you have a lovely evening


  15. Stuck between 1 and 3... but I guess for this occasion 3 is perfect!

  16. #1 is a bit too sexy #2 is a bit to casual and # is close to just right but maybe a bit to flashy? or maybe its just i'm not a huge fan of gold? personal choice :) but of the 3 I'm voting #3 unless you take the top from #2 and put it with the bottom of #3?

  17. Hi! I think you should go for #1. It is perfect for the dinner. Not too dressy but not too casual either. You want to look like you own the place and not like you're trying to hard to impress. Loveeeee #1. Have fun!