What to wear...a new outfit added to the dilema

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What to wear? It's now less than 4 days until I go to the rather smart Lunch I've been invited to. The decision on what to wear is getting closer!!! As of 10.00a.m Thursday 3rd November a mammoth 71% of you voted that the Karen Millen jumper dress was the dress to wear. 28% thought the shirt and trousers from Oasis was the best outfit but sadly no one thought the skirt and top from Monsoon was the 'one'. It was looking like a runaway success, that is until it was suggested to me that the little black dress from ASOS (which I posted previously) should be a contender! Well, I hadn't even considered that dress for this event... but what do I know!? So I've started a new poll; there are now 3 outfits, I've kept the Karen Millen Jumper dress and Shirt and Trousers from Oasis, excluded the pink skirt and top from Monsoon but added the LBD from ASOS.
Thank you to all those people who have voted and given me their opinions so far, let me know if adding the LBD has now changed your opinion! Have a look at the outfits below:

Outfit 3 - 71% of the votes so far

Karen Millen Jumper Dress

Outfit 2 - 28% of the votes so far

Masculine Tailoring - Shirt, trousers and bag all from Oasis

Little Black Dress - Asos

Get voting everyone!!! Time is running out for you to help me make that all important decision....what shall I wear??

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