Lookie-Likie Stella McCartney Spotty dress

Pin It Now! I'm going out to dinner soon with a group of sophisticated friends and need a sophisticated outfit.I've been admiring the Stella McCartney black spotty dress seen on a whole list of celebrities recently. Sadly my budget doesn't stretch that far so I went on a mission to find a similar-ish dress on the high street. I found 3; one in Wallis, Miss Selfridge & Oasis. Take a look. I need your opinion on which one is the keeper! And place your vote as always above :)

Spotty Dress no.1

Dress from Wallis
Shoes from Miss Selfridge

Spotty Dress no.2
Dress from Miss Selfridge
Shoes from Dune
Spotty Dress no.3
Dress from Oasis
Shoes from Miss Selfridge

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