What to wear on a trip to Paris?

Pin It Now! What to wear on a trip to Paris?

Wahoo... I'm going to Paris!!!!!!!!!! How excited am I? It feels like I'm having a moment like Monica from 'Friends' when she races out of her bedroom shouting 'I'm getting married today' and then falls flat on the floor! The trip itself is only a flying visit travelling on Friday and coming home late Sunday evening but who cares 'I'm going to Paris'!!
Now.... 'what am I going to wear'??? I need two evening outfits and two daytime outfits (excluding travelling on the Friday, I can duplicate that outfit). I rummaged in my wardrobe and found things I could wear but I thought a trip to Paris warrants a good excuse to go for shopping for new clothes, right? As luck would have it I happened to be close to a retail park with a few shops so I thought there would be no harm just innocently looking would there?....First stop 'NEW LOOK' and in fact I didn't get anywhere else as I got everything I needed there, I am so impressed, 'New Look' really has some great stuff, I got my whole weekend wardrobe in there, here's what I found...

Firstly my Friday night outfit, once we arrive in Paris and get to the hotel we're going to have a quiet dinner at the hotel and a few drinks. I found two outfits and this is where I need your help as I can't decide which one to wear. I can't take both outfits as my aim is to travel with a small bag, we all say that don't we but I'm going to stick to it this time, I am, I promise :)

Friday night outfit
Shoes available on-line or in store
Skinny Jeans available in store
Top available in store or online

Snake Peep Toe Platforms

Buttoned Back Sleeveless Top

Bag available in store

Rivalling the above outfit is a green dress (THE colour to be wearing apparently) The dress is available in store or online the gorgeous gold sequined heels available in store:


Draped Front Shift Dress

Which outfit of the above two do you think I should wear for a relaxed meal and maybe a few glasses of champagne?

Saturday we're planning on going sightseeing, it's got to done hasn't it! I bought some plum coloured boots in store at New Look along with a mac and added a faux fur stole

Faux Fur Stole

Boots available in store
Mac available in store

I also found this cute little faux fur hat on the New Look website which will complete the outfit I think:

Firetrap Crosserprint Faux Fur Hat

Saturday night we're going for a romantic meal at a wonderful French restaurant. It's a chance to dress up and add some glitz. I love this little black dress and think it will be perfect, I've added it with some black heels

One Shoulder Clustered Sequin Dress

Sunday we have most of the day free to do a bit more sightseeing before heading home (boo) but I thought I'd wear the skinny jeans from the first outfit along with my boots and mac from above. And that's my Paris wardrobe sorted,well almost...I need your decision on which outfit I should wear Friday night; the trousers and top or the green dress? As usual I shall leave that decision in your trusted hands, you've never let me down yet so vote away.....merci beaucoup :)

Gg x

What to wear Christmas Special

Pin It Now! It's Party time!

This year I decided I wasn't going to leave buying the all important Christmas party dress until the last minute like I have done for the past few years. I've learnt my lesson that going shopping at this time of year a week before you need something always ends in bad buys and disasters, all the best dresses have long gone!

I'm not going to lie, I loved every single, sequined second of shopping for my party dress. I found SO many dresses that I would have loved to have bought for this new 'what to wear' challenge but although it was a tough job,I managed to narrow it down.

My Christmas party is on December 16th and I'm fully prepared,it's a good feeling being so organised. Now I just need your casting vote making that all important final choice

So here we go....Which dress do you like the most? Pick the best one for me like you usually do :)

Gg x

Dress 1 - Lipsy
Dress - Lipsy
Bag - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Dune
Earings - Swarovski

Back of the dress

Silver snake 70's Clutch bag - Miss Selfridge

Dress 2 - Miss Selfridge
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Earrings - Swarovski 
Shoes - Style Black Point Court Shoe - Miss Selfridge

Dress 3 - New Look
Dress - New Look
Shoes - as above
Vote away...............

The winning spotty dress was....

Pin It Now! Miss Selfridge Spot Mesh Bodycon Dress! Thanks for voting everyone!

Shoes from Dune

Lookie-Likie Stella McCartney Spotty dress

Pin It Now! I'm going out to dinner soon with a group of sophisticated friends and need a sophisticated outfit.I've been admiring the Stella McCartney black spotty dress seen on a whole list of celebrities recently. Sadly my budget doesn't stretch that far so I went on a mission to find a similar-ish dress on the high street. I found 3; one in Wallis, Miss Selfridge & Oasis. Take a look. I need your opinion on which one is the keeper! And place your vote as always above :)

Spotty Dress no.1

Dress from Wallis
Shoes from Miss Selfridge

Spotty Dress no.2
Dress from Miss Selfridge
Shoes from Dune
Spotty Dress no.3
Dress from Oasis
Shoes from Miss Selfridge

 You haven't got long to vote so do it NOW!!!
(Please and Thankyou )  
Pin It Now! And the winning outfit was.........
shoes from DUNE

Thankyou to all of you who voted! More 'what to wear' dilemmas coming soon!!!

p.s lunch was yummy :)

What to wear...a new outfit added to the dilema

Pin It Now!
What to wear? It's now less than 4 days until I go to the rather smart Lunch I've been invited to. The decision on what to wear is getting closer!!! As of 10.00a.m Thursday 3rd November a mammoth 71% of you voted that the Karen Millen jumper dress was the dress to wear. 28% thought the shirt and trousers from Oasis was the best outfit but sadly no one thought the skirt and top from Monsoon was the 'one'. It was looking like a runaway success, that is until it was suggested to me that the little black dress from ASOS (which I posted previously) should be a contender! Well, I hadn't even considered that dress for this event... but what do I know!? So I've started a new poll; there are now 3 outfits, I've kept the Karen Millen Jumper dress and Shirt and Trousers from Oasis, excluded the pink skirt and top from Monsoon but added the LBD from ASOS.
Thank you to all those people who have voted and given me their opinions so far, let me know if adding the LBD has now changed your opinion! Have a look at the outfits below:

Outfit 3 - 71% of the votes so far

Karen Millen Jumper Dress

Outfit 2 - 28% of the votes so far

Masculine Tailoring - Shirt, trousers and bag all from Oasis

Little Black Dress - Asos

Get voting everyone!!! Time is running out for you to help me make that all important decision....what shall I wear??